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We, and Our Fathers, Have Sinned

By George Robertson

As white members and leaders of evangelical churches, we must repent of our passivity and/or proactivity during the dark days of our nation’s Jim Crow more

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  • The Gospel in India
  • We, And Our Fathers, Have Sinned
  • Whom Do Tim Keller and Don Carson Look Up To?

The Gospel in India

Editors’ note: Over the last few months we’ve received a deeply encouraging response to our series on the state of the evangelical church in Latin America. Even as we continue those profiles, we want to expand our coverage to countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia. As Don Carson recently told our staff, “This will simultaneously help our readers to become world Christians, increasing their prayer lives and promoting evangelistic zeal.” To that end, here’s the first entry on how the gospel is at work in...


We, And Our Fathers, Have Sinned

“I love the Presbyterian Church in America!” In my 25 years of attending PCA General Assemblies, I’ve never heard that public confession of affection more than at this year’s meeting of our highest court. But what’s more meaningful to me is that I heard it often from my African-American colleagues. Their saying “I love you” personifies the gospel, since neither our denomination nor our heritage has had a track record of love toward minorities. With a personal overture of repentance for the conservative church’s...


Whom Do Tim Keller and Don Carson Look Up To?

It’s not every day that the The Gospel Coalition’s co-founders, Tim Keller and Don Carson, take the opportunity to offer a foreword and afterword for a slim, easily overlooked book on “loving the Old Testament.” While many today rightly esteem and look up to Keller and Carson for their biblical insight, ministry experience, and proven faithfulness, do you ever wonder whom these men look up to? Alec Motyer, that’s who. The 90-year-old former principal of Trinity College in Bristol, England has served...


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